now we are two

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Thu 8 Jan 2009 18:45
After spending many months with us Robbie has flown the nest......he has found passage on a catamaran which is heading north to Antuiga, we really miss him he has been great fun to have on the boat and a hard worker but this was just what he was looking for and they seem a really nice family .
We are still waiting for our dingy to arrive ... can you believe it ... we can't go anywhere as it is paid for and we can't go on the anchor as we have no dingy .. oh the trials and tribulations of life in the sun .... we spend all morning working on the baot and the afternoons lying in the sun sipping iced water before we go over to a local cafe for iced frappacinos , this is a tough life , but in reality if the guy can't get it out of customs Marks going to have to get a little serious with him.
tonight we are out for a meal to the Hideaway restaurant with some friends that we met on New Years eve , they have an appartment here , in fact it is a beautifull one set in a hotel complex .
for all those freezing at home it is today about 88 degrees and in the evening this drops to about 78 degrees but it is incredible how you get used to it , tonight when we go out Ill have jeans on the past in hot climates shorts are all you can bear .
anyway time for that frappacino......Paradise? only if you have a dingy!!!!!!