Viva le croissant!!!!

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Mon 19 Jan 2009 21:21
"14:26,00N 61:05,00W"
We finally made a tempory break with St Lucia and headed off to Martinique which is all of 26 miles away , we left about 8-30am and we had a fabulous sail all the way across , even managed to see another 2 sets of whales , we are very lucky , we arrived and anchored off a very pretty little village called St Annes . Robbie is still here with Hakuna Mataka and they invited us for dinner . Seeing as we were about 3 miles from the Marina with some very tricky reefs in between we decided that we would take no chances on our trip to the Marina for dinner , we looked liked something from the SAS , I had on a head torch ( important to be seen by other boats in the dark ) my big rubber torch strung around my neck , a waterproof vhf radio again around my neck , lifejacket , waterproof jacket because there can be monoson like rain and Mark was kitted out the same , anyway we negotiated our way in the Dark and had a lovelely supper with the family , it was lovely to see Robbie again . On Sunday we had to go back and check in with customs so we collected Robbie as it was his day off and had hiom on the boat for the afternoon for lunch and a swim of the back of the boat and then we retuned him at 6 as he had an invite from 'Offspring' for roast dinner  and then for a boys night out on the town .
Now this is the first time we have spent a while on an anchorage , and there is a very strange event that happens just before dusk every night , everyone goes for a quick swim ....Naked ... and then spends 20 mins having a full shower on the back of the boat before drying off , and I mean everyone ....... I don't know if I can summon up the courage ......keep you posted
We went into St Annes today for a few provsions , it is very expensive here as everything is in euros , except the wine , luckily which is about 2 euros a bottle ..thank goodness... we may have to stock up .....
everyone is very friendly but there seem to be very few black people compared to St Lucia , they seem to be in the minority , so there is an overiding european feel about the place , and obviously everyone speaks french , we don't like it as much as St Lucia ( how picky....)
After saying that we are staying here for a while until we go back to get ready for friends Ian and Tina who will be joining us soon  . Just getting off the dingy to make our way into St Annes
   This guy blows a conch shell to alert everyone that some fish has been landed , these were a translucent type of reef fish. We are anchored just behind this fish market out in the Bay
 The canteen for these students luch was quite a way from the school , and it was suprising how many shouted 'bonjour' over to us and smiled .