Back on track!!

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Wed 3 Dec 2008 13:44
"16:48N 27:03W"
Well what a stunning few days we have had !, we arrived with a little trepidation into Cape Verdes, a/  because we expected our mast to fall over at any minute and b/  because our detailed electronic charts charts had run out by this time so we were coming in blind ( sort of ) but what a lovley surprise , we approached a lovely Marina , and even though we hadn't been able to raise anyone on the vhf being a sunday , there were staff waiting to direct us to a berth , they must have spotted us coming in ,they were very helpfull and friendly , we spent a lovely two there  with interesting bars and shops , albiet a little limiting on provisions and fruit and veg were a little pricey, we had two superb meals while we were there , the first meal was highly recommended by everyone and when we went in, I was little dismayed by the very shabby decor and the cockroaches running up the wall and the kittens playing around the tables , but.... we had the best meal ever !!! lobster , shrimp , fresh tuna , steak , just great .
We also had the good fortune to catch up with some great friends of ours , Trevor and Mags who are part of the Isle de Soliel Rally which is a french rally on their way to Brasil and the Amazon , so lots of catching up over wine .
The repairs we had to the mast looked very proffessional and also very reasonabley priced , and speedy as they made the two new bolts that went into the shrouds . 
Also Excellence had to call in for repairs , so it would have been very rude to not all get together for a few drinks !!!! say no more , they are about 12 hours behind us now so we have set up our own ssb safety net annd plan to call each other every day , to check on each others progress and well being . We will also keep trying to catch up with the rest of the fleet and check the ssb every day for the net controllers hour.
We are now fishing in earnest , as last night we had the good fortune to catch 4 lobsters , Mark has these new lures which are just great , Robbie was dispatched to do the dispatching , and he boiled them all ( alive!!!) and served them with ( a little help from me ) lime and chilli mayonnaise, delicious !
Well it is very good to be back at sea and we have a lot of miles to make up , but we have caught the trades ( maybe) and are screamimg along at 8.5 knts  
St Lucia , here we come !
Lobster catcher extraordinaire!!!!!1
As for Ray we are so not sure..........