sinking but not sunk!

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Fri 21 Nov 2008 14:37
Well our crew have arrived and it is lovely to have them here , Blue Beyond is fully crewed up now with Richard Ray and Robbieand the boat is now much more lively ! We are still having problems the washboard got stuck in our main hatchway and ray was trapped inside and we couldn't get in , so they did a great job of mending it but then dropped one of the fabulous new spanners that Ray had bought as a present to the boat down inside , so the had a look in a remote part of one of the biges to see if it was there but founf our main water pump leaking very badly , we thought we were usuing a lot of water  , good job they found this else we would have lost most of our water on the trip and filled the boat up inside as well , not a good combination on an ocean passage . We are all a bit tired now with all the parties , we went to an arc party hosted by raymarine last night and then on to a boat called "upchuck" yes really! and then back to our where Richard did a curry supper for ten of us , lovely .
 Ray , all ready for the carribean night ! boobs optional
Robbie , another pirate!
me , I always like to tone down my appearance , as you all know!!
Richard , another pirate
we had a great night , everyone in the ARC made a real effort to dress up .more parties tomorrow!