Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Fri 11 Jul 2008 15:12
"37:09,70N 08:38,72W"
We are still enjoying the lazy lifestyle of Lagos , we work until about 11-30, then it's too hot so we go to the beach in the afternoons , we had a nice evening on China Blue with Carrigg Hannah as guests as well, Margaret produced enough tapas and nibbles to feed the whole marina , wonderfull stuff , a very interesting tale about them(carrig hannah) being approach by the customs policewhile out at anchor who demanded that they went to the capitinari and purchase a boyage and light tax ! they had to moor up in Portomao , find the office spend a while waiting around in a queue , finally completed all the paperwork and were given a very official form to then go to another part of the office to queue and then finally pay the tax which came to the vast sum of "2 euros!!!!!. but we had a great evening , although we were up at 5 am the next day to see Robbie off at the train station , he has been a great crew member and we miss him already .We have found an english charity shop very near to the Marina which has a huge supply of english books so Anja and have replenished our stocks , all for a few euros. The fridge has broken down again , this is the 5th time and in this heat we really need it working , but as it is now the weekend the engineer won't be able to get to us till next weekso it is back to freezing bottles of water and putting them in the top of the fridge each day ( this is quite effective just laborious) . The wind has really become strong in the last few days which keeps the temperature constant but does mean that nearly every bopat that comes in to moor up is having a problem and we are racing up and down the pontoon grabbing ropes , just love it , it appeals to my nosy nature!

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