Party Party Party!!

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Tue 9 Dec 2008 22:11
Had our first real sqall today , we could see it coming so we took precautions , reefed everything and waited , we were in need of of some wind but 25knts is the upper end of comfortable for us , we watched in horror as the wind speed reached 40knts , then 50 , then 60 ..... then.... 71knts , there was thunder , lightening , but we were ok, and when we came out the other side of the squall we had a steady 20-25knts for the rest of the day, we then had a great days sail  a steady 8knts , then this afternoon the shout went up " whales "  we had three large whales of which two " breached " right out of the water . just spectacular , 
this evening is our halfway party , with a sort of christmas theme , we had nibbles and a small glass ( plastic) of wine and then a luxury fish pie( the boys do know their fishing rights are curtailed unless they eat the stuff!) and then a full on christmas pudding and cream , boy are we stuffed now !    
so we are putting the boat to bed ready for the nightand then more dvd.s ..... heaven....
   The Boy,s , Ray , Mark , Robbie and Richard , all in the christmas spirit !!!!1