A killer fish!

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Tue 9 Dec 2008 22:12
 another quiet night on the ocean , still no wind , but it does make for a very comfortable passage so far, our fish supper tasted wonderfull , we are now not sure whether it was Mahi Mahi as I thought they were silver and this fish was definately green , but richard did an excellent fresh herb and tomato sauce and with new potatoes and a homemade victoria sponge with jam and whipped cream , everyone was well fed and content .
Because of the flat seas and light airs we then brought the computor up on deck and we all watched Startsky and Hutch , with a bowl of sweets and we all had a thoroughly good evening , but for some reason through the night we all struggled a bit with our watches , either too much food and too little excercise or not enough to do , We were all treated through  the night to a fabulous spectacle of dolphins playing around the boat , we could only see their outline in phosphoressence , it was a mesmorising underwater light show , I have never seen anything like it . 
This morning is another beautiful day, hot, and the fishing lines were put out at dawn ,and at last a big strike on the line ( which Ray had put all the way out!) Robbie claimed the fish , but Mark and ray together reeled it in, eventually it was visible but looked really strange and when they got it out it was a huge puffer fish , the ones that can blow up like a football ! this one was a liitle worse for wear to do that , but we had to put it back in the water as they are extrememly poisonous , we would all be paralysed with hours if we had eaten it .
So onwards and forwards we are expecting a bit more wind tonight so everyone is working hard sunbathing , sleeping or reading , its a hard life!
Mark and Robbie putting up the cruising chute ( well I had to show them doing something!)