underwater marvels!

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Sun 8 Feb 2009 18:42
We left Marigot Bay after a tremedous supper in the Rainforest Hidaway restaurant , and we sailed a bit further down the coast to Soufrierre , we were met by a boat boy about a mile out who was very friendly and he escorted us to a mooring buoy in the bay ( I am sure we could have managed but it was helpful and for a £1 was worthwhile ) we wanted to take Ian and Tina to the botanical gardens so we went to a local hotel on the beach to ask about taxis , they were very helpful and organised one for the next day , we stayed on the boat during the evening as there have been thefts and you need to organise a guard which we didn't want to do ,
we had a couple of cocktails in the beach bar served by a lovely girl called Samantha and then went back to the boat for supper .
We had a driver called Gus to take us to the botanical gardens and the volcano and we really had a great time , nice leisurly pace and then back to the hummingbird resort for a very late lunch... the whole garden was alive with hummingbirds but they are as difficult to photograph as dolphins .......
the snorkling off the back of the boat is as good as the Maldives with beautifull corals and fish  we didn't want to leave but we wanted to show Ian and Tina Martinique. So a quick hop back up the coast and then out into the big wide ocean towards Martinique ...here we come........
 all these plants are just too much !!!!!!
Blue Beyond is moored over on the far side of the bay , just under the cliffs .