Fleeing Bequia

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Sun 15 Mar 2009 17:33
Because of the serious nature of these events I have changed some names to protect the identity of the other family involved .
Bequia was just lovely , it was on my top ten places in the world to visit and I was finally here , we met another family who had been on the ARC as well and we all went to the Green Boley bar as there was an excellent singer in there , he did not disapoint, we had a geat night , we moved along the beach to the next bar which had a live band, and a young guy grabbed me and tried to drag me onto the dancefloor and was not taking no for an answer , Mark intervened and they were nose to nose for a minute But he backed down and we decided it was best to leave in case there was any trouble ,we had a lovely day the next day and a quiet night and turned in early , but , at 8 am 'Mork and Mindy' raced over to our boat in terrible shock , this same guy had got on their boat in the night , high on alchohol and drugs , demanding food and going on about sorting out Mark , he then stabbed Mork in the hand and threatened to kill his family , Mork grabbed the winch handle and you can guess the rest , another guy who was with the perp dragged him unconcous into their boat and left , Mork went to the police station , but they wern't that interested ( they hadn't yet had all the information about the extent of his injurys)and went to the hospital for them to look at his hand but they were all polishing of a bottle of rum , and just draped a bandage around it . 
So in the cold light of day revenge from the perps friends and family was a serious issue , also , when the police finally switched themselves on how would they deal with situation , would Mork be arrested? would we all be arrested ?, would the boats be impounded ? fleeing seemed the best option all round , Mark and Mindy went ashore and checked out with customs and immigration , that went smoothly , we left immediately and headed over to a bay in st Vincent , It seemed the best bet was to get back to St Lucia and contact the british embassy , we spent the night in St Vincent and learned form our american friends that the perp had been taken to st vincent and was in a pretty bad way , we all had a pretty disturbed night as St Vincent was the ONE place I did not want to do too because of pirate attacks ....
we left St Vincent at 5 am and made our way to St Lucia , we were all very glad to be here , Mork contacted the British embassy who said to stay put for a day or two in case the perp makes a complaint and then they would help to deal with that situation when it arises , so all the right things had been done .
more news then arrived ,the police went round to the perps brother and sister to interview them , they tried to resist this and run away and the sister got shot in the foot so she is now in St vincent in hospital with her brother , we are so glad we left as it seems to be escalating.
so , as shocking as this all is I suppose these things can happen anywhere it is just more difficult when you are relying on the juridiction of a third world police force. Hey Ho!
    not a very happy face leaving Bequia , I won,t ever be able to go back .
  young cut island in St Vincent , looks lovely but piracy is rife
  Mork finally having his wound dressed by Mark 'properly'
so ,