A chinese upset! Tenerife

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Wed 5 Nov 2008 14:12
Well we finally have all our defaults now in working order , the engineer Raul has worked around the clock to get our boat fixed and others in the Marina , he really is good , he was mortified that he broke our toilet seat while re-gasing the freezer and came yesterday with a very upmarket version and fitted back on , we are now nearly 2000 euros poorer , so we are on bread and water for the next 6 months , but without an engine we were totally stuck , so hey ho and bite the bullet  ! we got the boat ready for sea and she looked so spic and span we thought after what we had just spent another 10 euros wouldn,t hurt so we went for a chinese on our final night in Tenerife , lovely meal , but as always loads left over so they boxed it up for us and we made our way back to the boat very much looking forward to moving on . On our way there were 3 homeless people sitting in a huddle so I took our takeaway over to them and they were really thrilled as it was still hot and smelt lovely  
We got up at 5pm and very quietly sneaked out of the Marina , we watched the sun come up with a beautifull sunrise over Gran Canaria and all was going well until Mark started to feel decidedly unwell ! and got worse by the minute with , believe it or not "food poisoning " ( I never had any chinese)  he laid down and slept most of the way feeling very rough , then it struck me what about those poor homeless people I had fed as well !!!! thought I had done a good turn , probably killed them all !!!!  
Anyway we arrived quite nicley in Gran Canaria . went straight on to the fuel pontoon and filled right up along with all our spare cans so that part is ready for our crossing , we had a simple supper and an early night , very glad to be here and very excited at meeting all those who are crossing the Atlantic with us !!!!!