Just hanging around!

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Thu 22 Jan 2009 20:08
We had a treat today , we did all our jobs in the morning and then went to the Marina to get some oil for the gearbox , we saw Robbie who is now off to Dominica and said our goodbyes, then we went to St Annes for lunch , being french this did take most of the afternoon but we did buy a hammock which I have been after for ages, we returned to the boat and I gave it a try........ its really great , a lovely way to keep cool
 it appears to be quite suitable for that afternoon nap......
We were then just going to break out the scrabble when a couple off a boat near us came over in their dingy and said they knew our friends Trevor and Maggie ( who are now in Brasil) what a small world , it also turns out they know another couple who we did the rally portugal with! anyway they have invited us over for sundowners tomorrow to see if we can see the green flash , they have seen it so has Robbie so we are now on the lookout ...
they crossed the atlantic ywo weeks after us and they had a really hard time of it , big seas and high winds constantly so I think we were very lucky,
  Mark cooling off .