Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Mon 24 Nov 2008 18:01

i read your blog, looks like things are going well, tell Robbie that wen i saw the picture of him alseep i laughed my head off, how typical bless! Today i had to learn all bout food, poo and wee, how lovely! on the ward on weds, thurs and fri.
Snow has finally melted away which is good for me cos i didnt enjoy the driving. Mum i need the receipt for my camera, did u pay on ur credit card or debit card? also, the last number on the sat fone is 64 instead of 84 yes? decided me and barry are going to get coach to heathrow, it will cost £84 which is better than parking, also how are we gettin from airport to bay? its an hour away.

love you both lots

Anja xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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