What day is it?

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Thu 27 Nov 2008 19:48
We can work out the date , we are on a strict shift rota so we can definately work out the time , but there has been heated discussion as to the day !! to solve this I have made a sign which I will put up each day so there can be no more confusion on board .
We have had a good night ,with an average of about 7 kts which is quite good as we still had light winds, we had the company of four other yachts , but as dawn approached they disapeared ,
as the afternoon progressed the winds have at last increased and we can see the outline of some squalls on the horizon, by suppertime there was a definte rock and roll and we resorted to bowls instead of plates and for the first time ate below , today the boys had , fruit and nuts as an apetiser then they had pork chops in a cream , garlic and herb sauce , new potatoes , fresh carrots and green beans and a homemade rice pudding , all went down well ! but the washing up was a bit extreme trying to balance with a t towel and a bowl !
as night is approaching we have reefed in slightly as there are some gust of up to 40nts forcast, so the boys have the music up loud and are all singing , I start my watch form 12-4am so im off to bed !
Its a bit small but this sign is telling it is Thursday!
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