Who Turned up the heat?

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Sat 13 Dec 2008 19:41
We had a stormy stormy night , thunder and lightening and torrential monsoon like rain , still hot though , Richard drew the short straw and was on helm watch through the worst of the weather , at one point the boat went round in a complete circle , but as dawn broke ( at nearly 9-30 am... we now realise we havn,t been putting our clocks back so we are way out of kilter and no-one want to change yet) we had another gloroius day, the boys were a little glum as it was a cleaning and washing day and they all had tasks to do which in 95 degrees  was a bit of a struggle, but we are now shipeshape , we have now under 500 miles to go so not far now and we are getting excited about seeing all the family and our friends from the ARC and hearing all their tales  .Had a conversation from another yacht 'Abim' who have run out of gas and who are cooking in their breadmaker , very inventive , havn't caught any fish in the last few days maybe the killer whales have frightened them all .....
Richard soeaked through in the first of many squalls that drenched us .