Earthquakes and Tsumanis

L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Sat 6 Mar 2021 06:40
Yesterday we awoke to loud sirens . Tsumani . Radio told us that there had been two large quakes near the East Cape and then a 8 scale quake followed near the kermagen islands . A tsumani was forcast and we had to leave . We piled unto our car with other british Yachties in port only to find the roads blocked with cars . rather than meet our fate in the car we returned to the concrete and deserted marina office. brewed tea and watched events unfold on television . fortunately the tsumani did not arrive.
today eric the dutch electrician changed the capacitor on the genset and we had 230v and brown toast . JB marine had put a lower rated one in last time .
Plans are to sail to barrier island on tuesday for a week . our neighbours ,terry and Karen will be there to fishing for marlin