Anchorage number 6

L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Sat 17 Aug 2013 04:33
The anchorages here are numbered and there are 31 of them . This is because the names are not easy to prononce . This one is easy and is  behind the tiny island of Mala in a gulf nformed between Kapa and Pangaimotu. In 8m open to the wind but sheltered by a bar from the sea . Perfect spot and cool-
The nights here are cool and now I sleep with a quilt ; Penny made of harder stuff still a sheet only . It is still mid winter here .
The fish diet has gone well but tonight is vegetarian a mix of local nuts . The meat is appalling . Still Penny has at last produced sewing needle and we now have the stove working fully and a tin opener that works .