Que sera sera

L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Mon 1 Apr 2013 13:48
00 58 67 S 87 03 31 W
Now on a beam reach headind 250 T to pass 40km south of Galapagos.Very slight swell causing occasional slow roll as bigger swell comes through.,sunny.Another cold night.No ships seen and slept well.
Charginging batteries now and topping up water tanks0no  water for 300nm beyond here.Will then go to no 1 genoa and increase speed.Currnt N/W and decreasing so for first time SOG exceeds boatspeed.
Cornflakes gones so it´s ´Cuban´muesli this morning ; very coarse and likely to cause wind but very good for you ( like we feed horses) Last banana today and last slice of pineapple.
Should close Galapagos overnight and may be able to give indication of arrival time for Marquesa.Hopefully wind will not back further which will slow things down.
The grib whch I downloaded was on to big a scale to be useful,but then cann´´t do much about weather;what will be will be.
be useful,but then again cann´t I d