Apia , Samoa ; We thought it was sunday

L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Wed 10 Jul 2013 08:58
13 46 76 S 171 28 06 W
We arrived off Apia at 1500 hrs Sunday and were surprised to find the harbour working . They expected us and a berth in the marina was ready . We were even more surprised when we were told that it was monday . Yes we have crossed the international day line and are now 24 hrs ahead of you all . This is  a  bend in the line to allow Samoa  and Tonga to be on the same day as neighbouring Fiji .
This is true south Pacific ;Friendly people , very laid back . Apia is very attractive and lively . The recent cyclone and sunami have left their marks especially on the marina which still has broken pontoons. Very inexpensive . The marina with water and power is 10£ a night . It´s great to have the aircon on . Loads of fruit on the market . Lunch today was £5 including drinks . We found a wonderful store selling evry thing from men´s urinals to wedding dresses and pianos .
We ´re here for a few days and will tour the island with a driver and then probably hire a car for a week . Lots to see and do . And rugby; every one is rugby mad . lovelly place and we haven´t seen the beaches yet .