Going West

L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Thu 4 Apr 2013 23:12
003 45 37 S 095 56 88 W
Sunny day with blue sky,pale blue sea astern getting darker in the distance and a white bow wave.Sialing easilly on a beam reach at 7 knt under full white sails.Very little swell.
Duogen has siezed in water mode and dispite several goes at freeing the water impellor  seizes again once in the water.Have taken it apart as much as I can here  so now using the air mode which is not as efficient.
I understand that mailasail have me somewhere off East Africa so again 03 45 S 95 56 W whch is 300nm S/Wof southern Galapagos.
Still sailing alone in a huge ocean.No other ships seen nor on radar.
One problem I have noticed is that having taken the wrappers off all my cans (infestation prevention) the indelible ink is fading fast.It will be pot luck soon.
Another is that LED nav lights fail if the voltage drops.There´s food for thought.
Progreesin well.Looking for landfall in about 14 days.