L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Thu 14 Mar 2013 22:43
Today began with the 8am marina bus to colon.This crossed the Panama Canal and gave my a first sight of it and the channel leading to it.Impressive.
First the local HSBC to withdraw money for the transit.Colon is one of the worlds most dangerous cities and I traveled by taxi,the driver escorting me in and out of the bank.
Then the supermercado Rey and shopping for the passage..As much fruit as possible though it will not last long.The prices were very good and much of the goods were from the USA.
I will top up with fruit from the lady in the marina who can get local and green.Apparently the yachties don't like the local stuff.Lots of pineapples.
Fridge defrosting and loading took most of the afternoon and of course Eric the agent  came for the loot so wallet now empty.
The weather predictions for next week are not good with very light winds and thunderstorms at the beginning of the weeki.As I am not covered for lightening strike once I leave Panama I may be here for a few days yet.
Transit is set for Saturday evening/night 5pm here/9pm uk