Sailing Is A Dieing Skill

L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Sat 30 Mar 2013 22:20
12 19N 84 02 W
The strong northerly current is still against me.I motored for a couple of hours this morning when hte wind died but could only make 4 knt.The wind picked up from the south east before miod day and I was sailing again.This must have been the itcz and only 10 miles of it.Now I am in the south east trades, blue sky 15knt wind and very little swell;bliss.The current means that I approach the Equator very slowly and in 300nm will beach on Galapagos;however I am going west.The problem is 30 degrees of leeway because of current.I think it likely that soon the current will get more west in it.
The trades here are a delight to sail in  and should give big daily logs soon.
Took time this morning to do some washing and this afternoon spent time on my Kindle catching up on Jack Aubrey-fellow after my own heart.
Still no boats but that may change if I need to go near Galapagos.Cann´t understand why the Galapogos bound boats are not following this route; but perhaps they are motoring.Sailing is adieing skill.