Stary Night

L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Tue 2 Apr 2013 13:20
01 59 64 S 89 05 20 W
The waining moon is getting later as we move west.Last night was very clear and calm.Both the Plough and the Southern Cross were visible.The moon and stars were reflected in an oily calm sea with no swell.I motored slowly aiming to reach 2 degrees ;which is where I am now and the most northern edge of the trades.I can see trade wind clouds in the distance and although no wind a long slow swell is coming from the south.I am 50nm S/E of Isla Espanola but cann´t see it.On AIS I can see various yachts and pleasure cruisers scattered throughout the islands.
Today is plod on.Should have wind by noon.I am now 6 hrs behind UTC and 7 behind BST.Bread to make and hopefully some sailing.Will try the forecast from NAOA not that slow boats like me can do much about the weather.All seems to be functioning so ready for the next 3000nm.should take 3 weeks but am aiming for less.In the last week we have travelled 1000nm.