The Flies

L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Thu 25 Apr 2013 02:31
So I thought I had found all the dead squid and flying fish and removed them but I hadn´t looked in the anchor locker.It was heaving with rotting fish lying ontop of the chain.Cleaned out washed.Problem solved.How people rave about eating these things?
Slightly on today at Hanatefau Bay.Superb anchorage beneath the steep but palm covered cliffs.There is a village with a church and a small shop.Very colourful . beautiful trees laden with fruit.A new small harbour to tie the dingy and get ashore dry.Some old thatched buidings and heavy larva stone ruins.Old men carving wood.Clear blue sea and dolphins around the boat.
All the fruit trees are owned so I cann´t pick but then no one seems to be picking fruit.They seem very happy with French social security.They were loaded a peculiar fruit which was explained as ´medicina´ in franglais.
Tomorrow it´s an early start for Nika Hiva.Approx 80nm downwind.Sorry to leave here.