Every Cloud

L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Fri 3 Oct 2014 04:58
17 46 24 S 177 11 33 E
We sailed from Suva at 1100hrs on !st October . The weather which had delayed our depature had settle to very light southerly winds overcast . As we left the oily harbour we fouled our propellor and this restricted our boat speed to approx 1knt so we hoisted sail . I didn't fancy diving in the dirty water so we sailed on very slowly . Fortunately the wind increased over the afternoon and eventually we made good time arriving at 800hrs on the second . I thought of diving to clear the prop whilst at sea but a passing shark put me off this idea . A close encounter with a fishing boat at midnight meant that I had no rest on this passage. It was at this point that i discovered that the batteries were flat and that a connection on the water turbine had stopped us charging .
Arriving very slowly at Musket Cove I discoved that all clouds have a silver lining . I called our friend brian on s/y darremy who directed us to a mooring from his dinghy  . Suddenly he was wildly gesticulating to us and racing fast towards us . We had strayed from the chanel and within metres of the reef . Our slow speed under engine save us from striking the reef .
Musket cove is a super resort with swimming pools,airfield, restaurants and bars. We will now have a short holiday here and wait for the parts for the turbine to arrive from UK