At Anchor Minerva Reef

L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Mon 2 May 2016 23:25
We are the only boat here and at anchor in 30knt of easterly wind . Windy but protected from large seas by the low reef . It is neeps so the reef is barely exposed at low water . Good meal of roast lamb last night and English breakfast today . Noisy because genset is on and water is making .
Windy fast passage out starting southerly moving southeast and finally east so another windward passaage to start the season . Big sea conditions most of the day and several come onboard showing a water leak om the forward cabin hatch ..I have temprarily fixed with tape but have a spare seal for fitting in Tonga . The inner forsail jammed a few miles out . fixed now but meant trips to the bow i bad conditions . We will await a wind shift here  . We need to sail at 40 degrees to make Nieafu in comfort .Probably looking at friday ..chris