L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Thu 15 Aug 2013 05:37
Neiafu has a great fruit market . Said to be best on saturday but good any day. Today we bought a string of tangerines to hang in the cockpit and eat at leisure. But very little meat but they do have mint saurce if we could find the lamb to go with it. Tonight it´s parrot  fish . Knowing my aversion to dead fish not in batter this is a challenge and a taste opf things to come . To top it all the thing is bright blue and has a smile . The veggie option might be the one I choose . Still they allowed us duty free so we have both gin and tonic,plenty of wine and a couple of litres of cognac ( to last 3 months ) . Penny found internet today but her battery was low  so not much achieved