Tapuamu Bay , Tahaá

L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Fri 14 Jun 2013 00:48
Problems with the genset yet again. Further leak from water pump. The French engineer at the Nautical centre here (only place for thousands of miles) says it is a badly scored shaft and he cannot make a seal . We will do as Egbert in ST Lucia suggested and install a separate electrical pump. This has to come from Papette so we have a few days to kill and short of water.
Tahaá is the island within the reef of Raiatea and very beautiful .No white sandy beaches but a stunning reef . We are at anchore off a small village and well sheltered from the strong trade winds .There are a few sunsail boats around but little else and no other boat in this anchorage.
Last night after watching the sun set over Bora Bora we were treated to a display of drumming and dancing near the quay. We watched and listened from the cockpit.A large coaster came in to the Quay and passed very close to us as he manouvered.
The island are spectacularly regged and heavilly wooded.Roads only go around the sea shores so difficult to explore.No  busses and taxis very expensive.I went into Utoroa the other day for the bank and hitched with no problem.Funny though only lady drivers seem to stop for me.