The Other Side of the World 2

L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Mon 4 Nov 2013 20:04
25 04 64 S 170 32 55 E
Time Zone  +12
We crossed the Dateline during the night and are now south  and East of Greenwich .
Good sail yesterday . The gribs which forcast winds of less than 10knt were slightly out again as we had  26knt S/SE for much of the day . sails coped well and we will log 140nm for the 24 hrs .To our surprise three other yachts including Arri on Sky broke from the pack and followed us . They are somewhere behind us .The problem now is whether to continue to the way point north of NZ at 30 S 175 E or to beleive that the forcasters will get it right for once and that the wind will be S/E when we arrive and therefore head directly for Opua .
More trouble with the genset last night so am using engine to recharge batteries This morning the sea is blue and calm with a moderate easterly breeze . We make 6knt