Savusevu , Fiji

L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Tue 29 Jul 2014 02:57
16 46 42 S 179 19 75 E
We cleared immigration last Tuesday and customs on Wednesday ; then the weather broke and the afternoon and evening were unpleasant and not the time to sail from Tonga . We anchored behind Mala island ,made water and penny cooked for the passage . We sailed for Fiji on Friday with a good forcast. The winds started light but picked up to give us a fast and exciting sail . At one point Penny managed to get the boat up to 10.5 knt . By Sunday morning we were just off the first of the Lau islands . These are the eastern islands where traditional Fijian life and customs are observed .Yachts can only visit these islands once they have cleared on one of the two main island .The area of the Lau islands is strewn with dangerous reefs and many boats founder here. The speed of the passage meant that we would arrive at Savusevu on sunday evening well ahead of time so we had to sail slowly for the next day so as to arrive off Savusevu on Monday morning .We were joined overnight by Free Bird 2 which was also sailing slowly to arrive as the customs opened.
Fiji is wonderful . Very colourful, extremely friendly and inexpensive . They still love the British despite leaving the Commonwealth and still have the Queens head on some of their coins .We have a berth in the Coprashed Marina with power and water . This is a small complex with several good restaurants and a lovely bar with a deck over the creek and our boat .( www. the coprashed. Fiji). plan to stay here for a week our two and do some sightseeing .
Sevusevu is a small town with some good shops and market . The supermarket is well stocked and the local beer excellent . Paradise