Good nights sleep

L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Fri 29 Mar 2013 13:26
01 44 61 N 82 39 76W
Yesterday´s wind has slowly dropped to an acceptable 29kn fro the n/ne.The swell has subsided too and is dead astern.It is sunny with some high cloud to the south but nothing like the towering thunderclouds of the ITCZ of the Atlantic.Since midnight the current has been running N/W towards Galapagos.
Yesterday´s 24hr run was 159nm.
I am 1014 miles north of the equator and expected to be in the ITCZ by now.The plan is to continue on this course untill I meet the S/E trades probably at 2 or 3 degrees south.
No ships seen either visualy or on radar for 24hrs.Hence the 7 houirs sleep I managed last night.Feel much better for it.
Need to bake bread this morning and recharge the batteries.Duogen and solar are doing well but it´s the ice for the cold drinks which is the problem.
The passge so far has been vey quick and perhaps shows the advantage of being able to chose one´s own start time and not a fixed date as with the rallies.
Single handed is no problem.The boat seems to go faster than with crew and it´s far more comfortable.I have my sea berth back which makes for better sleep.
chrisown set off date rather than a mass