Isla Malpelo

L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Thu 28 Mar 2013 13:27
04 01 75 N 81 23 41 W
A frustrating night.Lost any wind for 4 hours around 11 ish .The sea still remained rolling in from astern.Decided to sleep and took all sails off- too roly so sailedslowly on.Wind did come back from same direction at 3am and still blowing but less than before.
Did eventually get 3 hours sleep.Woke through intuition to find another boat ( only one I ´ve seen and last seen 3nm   away ) waiting to cross my path.I was stand on vessel.
Ate the last of the fresh meat last night;it wasery good.Means I can turn the fridge down.
Now 12nm off the Columbian island of Malpelo.Can justabout see it. Can also see very high mountains to the east possibly Andes but at least 200miles away.
The imprtance of Malpelo is that fro here I shape a course for the Equator 8270nm).The current will push me west and I have to be careful not to get swept onto Galapogos.
The winds from here will get progressively lighter as I enter the doldums.Untill I reach the south east Trades in approx500 miles.
The days run was 140nm.