Learning Curve

L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Sun 2 Jun 2013 01:31
The anchorage in sand amonst coral was secure.This morning we woke to the roar of surf on the reef.Huge rollers were pounding in from the south and we hac 3 knt of current under the boat.I struggled the 2 miles to Fare to shop and used far more petrolo thann we can spare at the moment to so do.
Then it came to getting the anchor out of the sand .Not easy in the current.The windlass struggledbut with Penny edging the boat forward under engine we managed to get the anchor in.It was fairly amazing that the anchor had held in the shallown coral sand.
The passage inside the reef is well buoyed and the charts (electronic) very accurate so with the forward looking sonar lighting our way we headed south to the village of Haapu.
Haapu is in the mouth of a large bay almost closed to the sea and very sheltered.Very quiet just a couple of guys in cannoes at the mouth.It is very hot here .Very tranquill amidst forest and jungle with just the faint roar of surf at the mouth.