L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Sat 29 Jun 2013 23:39
16 09 99 S 154 01 53 W
Sailing along at 6knt under No 1 genoa.Wind astern and for most of the last 24 hrs very rolly .Now as we edge northwes towards Suwallow the sea is settling . Not complaining because it´s hot and sunny .
We left yesterday with a need to make 300 litres of water before getting too far from land . Not many taps between Bora Bora and Samoa. True to form the genset stopped in mid stream when we were 150 litres light .Fortunately only a 16 amp fuse of which I had several so we were back up and making this morning and now have full tanks .
With luck arrive Suwarrow some time Tuesday.