Shelter Bay

L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Mon 11 Mar 2013 23:13
9 22 04 N 79 57 05 W
We arrived at Shelter Bay marina at 1439 [local] yesterday.Having moved back an hour in time in the course of the passage.
The storm took some time to calm down but at least the boat speed was good.The navigation lights failed on the final night and we had to rely on AIS and VHF  safety broadcasts to warn ships of our presence..Biggest scare was when I first turned on the Ais and discovered a yacht also with ais 400m infront of us.I think they were petrified their alarm would have gone and they were flashing lights everywhere looking for us.I could see them of course.
The marina here is good and we have already fixed the lights and the reefing lines.The furler seems to be working.
Simon and Eric have their final day tomorrow and will visit the canal.They fly on wednesday
I will do further things  on the biat in preparation for my transit early next week.
Several fof our friends from The Canaries are here also so pleny of company