L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Mon 7 Jul 2014 01:28
The saturday street party was disappointing . We were fortunately warned by lawrence the landlord of 'boutny bar' to be careful and in the end decided to gie it a miss . Good adice from what we susequentltly heard . Talking to a fisherman on the quay it appears that the monarchy does not hae uniersal approal . It's is still absolute dispite changes after the riots of a few years ago and some consider it to be corrupt . The goernment isappointed from the 'nobles' by the king so no popular representation . The King had appealed for an end to glutteny at this years festial but still it appeated a bad time for turtles ,, Land crabs and pigs .We roasted some local pork on saturday eening and it was beautiful . tasted ofd the coconuts that the animals feed on; extremely sweet . Yesterday we had a long sail around thw  islands ending at Lisa's beah wher e we now are. We shelter fro a north eastely wnd with rain but it is ery warm . The turle here has suried the royal isit and still swims beside the boat . We hae used the water maker to fill the tanks and charge batteries and computers .taking the opportunity to rpair a few things and read up on Fiji for next week