The Anchorage You Dream Of

L'Esprit de la Mer
Dr Chris Bates
Fri 31 May 2013 22:56
16 44 92 S 151 02 85 W
After Opunoho and a few days in Taina we returned to Cooks Bay.Finally set sail overnight on29th June for Huahine in the Leeward Islands .This was a rough crossing with 20knt of following winds.We left at 1700hrs and entered the reef off the village of Fare at 0600hrs. Because of the likelyhood of high swell over the weekend we first anchored in Port Borgoyne but it was too deep and we settled for the anchorage we our now at ;unmamed.
The reef is protecting us from a huge southerly swell and the water is smooth even though we have a gusty wind from the shore.We are anchored over sand and coral in clear tourquoise water.Ashore is a small beach with a few huts amidst the palms.Idyllic.
This morning I went the 3 miles to the village of Fare to shop.There was a well stocked supermarket and a local market with fruit but no tourist tatt.
We plan to stay here a few days;why not ? This isb what everone thinks a Pacific island should be like.