Heartless pirate

Tue 9 May 2023 08:47

35:24N 35:34W Horta waypoint 380nautical miles along this way. Another calm but overcast day. 

I’m motorsailing at 7kts into 9kts of apparent wind, so there’s actually only 2-3kts of actual wind if I stopped. 

I started a cleanup of the cockpit yesterday. Partly to make it a nicer place to live of course. But partly because I suppose there’s an even more limited number of boatfixing  people these days, and I think they’d rather sort stuff on a cleaner boat, wouldn’t they?  

Not much boaty traffic this year. In fact, the alarms signifying a nearby ship or another boat  (or often just a rain cloud ) haven’t gone off for days. So I thought I’d better test the alarms just be sure they’re working. 

The easiest and quickest way to trigger alarms is to hit the man-overboard button at the helm. The ear-splitting sirens go extra-crazy and the navigation system offers a range of turning options to turn back. All of which I ignore and cancel.   

The nav system apparently “learns” the characteristics of boat and pilot.  Even so, it seemed quite shocked at my harsh treatment of the (non-existent) overboard crew. “Are you sure Y/N?” has never felt more reproachful. I had the briefest notion that it was next going to ask “Really? You’re just gonna leave them back there to DIE?  Y/N?“ but it isn’t quite that sensitive. 

 Nonetheless the electronics have  clearly “learned” that I’m a heartless pirate, and everything kept very quiet overnight. Haharr!