Monday 25th May - New Crew Appears By Magic

Mon 25 May 2020 23:04

T minus 2 days - Monday 25th May

The crew arrived this morning on a magic carpet organised by the amazing Harvey on Kapa Rico.  

The crew have surprised themselves and everyone who knows them.  Sam’s been planning this trip for Oh, almost whole week now.  But Ampi only decided to come along last Friday, and Anna said yeah what the heck just yesterday.  Anna says she arrived at work this morning to say that she’s leaving.  When?  Right now, actually.   

They arrived and we hauled the anchor and went out into the bay.  They’re all very cool with how the boat works.  Sam immediately got to grips with the helm and rescued a fender or two.  Would they be able to rescue me?   Oh yes.  Yet again I jumped over the side and they took it very calmly, and hauled me back on board within minutes.  Not many new crew KNOW that they can rescue the skipper, and not many skippers really know the same of their crew.  

We had Bonding Lunch ashore in Marigot, and the new arrivals swapped stories of How My Family Are Really Freaked Out About This.  Understandable I suppose.  Sam’s family have googled the wildest waves and found that some are over 100feet high!  Argh!  But not here, or in the mid Atlantic in May?  No.   

Anna is nearly-qualified medic from Amsterdam, and they’ll delay the exams.  Ampi is a chef, specialises in making leaps into the unknown, from northern Argentina to very southern Ushuaia, then to St Martin, now to the Canaries.  Sam is media marketing, wired for everything and is making video diaries. Ooh.   

Very lovely weather in SXM but tomorrow is our Final Day.  So we have to have a leaving party WITHOUT getting hopelessly wrecked.  Tricky but not impossible, I hear. Rene from Island Water World fixed us up with extra cooking gas, all sorted. 

Big Shopping tomorrow, and then the boat will be ready.  It's especially ready for the Actual Final Leaving Party, definitely. Extensive and verified track record of parties on Mojo culminates tomorrow evening.  A previous boat "Mojomo" once had 83 people on board at a party, so Mojo should be good for a stability test towards 100 people.   

The pic of Mojo apparently on fire (no, it's the sunset) was taken by René from nearby Gypsy Blues... what a great pic.  Thanks twice to Rene from Mojo today, and again to Harvey on Kapa Rico.  


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