T+4 hours

Sun 22 Nov 2020 17:14
27:44 15:30w
2knots of wind from south here on w coast of Gran Canaria, so we’ve motored past the ARC fleet who are trying to tack away from the island. I want us clear of rocks and other boats before dark in under 2 hours, and now at 5pm we have a clear line to waypoint at 20n30w almost 1000miles away.

Team were very excited to get going as we ripped through the sightseeing boats on their way back into harbour. The fleet had all tacked away east as we motored south at 8knots into 2m sea. Bit of seasickness (Jess, Ruth) is all part of the Full Atlantic Experience at no extra charge. Ruth has had a somewhat testing time as Mum, what with one of the crew leaving during breakfast and then feeling a bit green in head seas herself all afternoon. She says she’s bit better now. Oh yes? I told her how I had once set off some x-Channel ferry passengers by drinking water out of a sick bag. How about now?

Chip is fine and having a snooze ahead of her watch later. She’s sometimes a ski instructor, other times a geologist, presumably after the snow has melted. And she’s come from Spain, Grenada with her ukulele on her knee.

The battery monitor is rather complex and perhaps set wrong, so I downloaded the manual while still inshore...