Long finals

Sun 2 May 2021 02:47
29:26N 25:06W at 0230UTC=0330BST motorsailing at 7 knots (with one motor im use now, not both) into 10knots wind backing as forecast, cog 81 towards wpt twentynorth,thirtywest ish,about 270nm distant bearing 81 and showing ETA tomorrow 3rd May afternoon by say 1800. Journey's end is Lanza south wpt now 600nm east and south a bit. I'm trying to position the boat in a nice place to catch the wind from the north into Lanzarote. Simon is suggesting I stay away from the rocks as the boat has no wheels.

The Great Diesel Burnoff has probably run its course with Mojo carrying now around a fraction of the starting 2200litres. But what fraction? I don't accurately know the useable capacity of the main tank but it says 600litres on it, or the reserve tank capacity which Wes who built it says oh its gottta be 500 litres At Least, or the performance of the pump transferring from one to the other which promised up to 3 litres a minute, depending on how it's installed, sir. I do have a long stick and a manual pump to probe around. The main tank gauge now bounces from half to full, and the reserve tank gauge reads higher and higher the more it is emptied, starting from a quarter full when actually full, to now almost 3/4 full when definitely not so, so it seems to be measuring the air not the diesel in the tank. It might be mostly empty now, although I can get more out of it with the hand pump. Hm.
I'll play safe and use just one motor from here, but I'll see what I can pump or siphon from the reserve when "empty". 24hours on one motors needs 100litres, and I think I have meh, at least 200 and possibly 300 with the cheerful main tank gauge bouncing around the midway marker. 300 litres is good for 450miles with 600 to go, so we'll do that. It'll be FINE.