Mon 1 May 2023 17:23
24:19N 57:48W

“Groog” is the comic strip utterance of any character feeling unwell, and this early part of this eastbound transat is usually the groogiest of a clockwise N Atlantic sailing circuit.   

There’s breeze and waves from the east (like in the Caribbean) and this flings the boat  into and over the 2m+ swell from the north -suppressed while sailing behind the Caribbean, not so out here.  I suppose I could reduce sail but then it’ll last even longer, yuk. 

I’m likely turning more E and less N (towards Canaries) in the next day or so. Meanwhile the boat ploughs on at steady 9-10knots with the usual noises of groaning interior furniture, creaky deck fittings and temporarily airborne crockery landings.

Some of my groogiest times at sea have been on this early part of this eastbound Atlantic passage from Caribbean, the worst after a leaving party the night before, which I stupidly did a second time- but not this time.  

But it’s all reducing in frequency today (often 3rd 4th day at sea) as the breeze slowly veers to come from the south and (often) fades to nothing at all.  

With significant chunks of nothing at all in the wind dept, carrying lots of fuel is important but I wouldn’t dare try stack it on deck which many do, especially monohulls, Ooer.

So on a wave-bouncing catamaran, everything heavy (or sleeping)  should be low and behind the mast, letting the bows always lift clear ... as in the video. Although it can’t be that bad if I took video, can it? Not really. Looks fine! What am complaining about?