Gennaker - an unravelling nightmare

Sat 13 Jun 2020 14:33
32:11N 30:24W 3kts towards Lanzarote.

The long twisted up snaky-sail-looking thing is specially designed for exactly the current conditions - wind behind the beam, and several crew PLUS at least one Dutch person determined to get the Dutch-themed blue-white-red sail flying ... but the sail is unravelling at one end, and somehow ravelled up very tightly at the other. How about we try putting it on the deck and unravelling it all there? Not enough space. Or lifting it and spinning it around? No wait! Oh, yes maybe, hm. Ok, we'll try it your way. Anyway it could be French. Or UK or America or Iceland, Puerto Rico, Panama, Australia or New Zealand, just sayin. Or Russia. Okay, okay the first owner was Dutch, so it can be Dutch.

My possible Final Solution option (are we allowed to use the phrase "Final Solution" again yet? Probably not...) of ditching the thing isn't completely unaccceptable and may yet be reconsidered if it doesn't get flying soon, I Wannsee. I mean "I fancy". Ok that was a bit much - unless you have to google Wannsee I suppose...

Looks like the sail is getting Almost There! Very safe sail in these conditions - 5-7knots of wind means it might or might not actually propel the boat forwards, nor even fill with wind. Wind at 170 now we could fly the Pirate sail instead, hm? No, they want to get this one sorted first. Okay, fine. Sometime we oughta have a Diesel Audit.

Thanks for the lovely email update from TV Pam. And of course the weather musings from Simon. Puerto Calero is still our target, and we'll send them the info they need soon.