Touchy radar

Tue 20 Apr 2021 11:54
23:51N 57:07W COG45 SOG6+ VMG5 at 12.34BST=11.34GMT=07.34local heading towards 30n50w ish about 520miles along here, then east ish is the general plan.
I contacted James to ask him to check if the blog is still in one piece and he says Yes all is ok - and Why? - have I upset anyone? Oh, probably, but none specific at the moment though. I expect there's a long list of grudge-holders but I'm not really keeping track.
One item that is potentially temperamental is the radar. It seems to be working fine, but I discovered that its sensitivity is user-adjustable, with the default being "75% sensitive". Hm. It's gonna be a bit er, hit-and-miss to calibrate its sensitivity at sea? I'm assuming I can turn it all the way to "0% sensitive", at which point it isn't really a radar system, is it? Nothing to see here! How about at "25% sensitive" - does it have an algorithm to (say) ignore boats made of plastic or less than say, 50 feet? It's a bit like toasters which are also somewhat too user-adjustable, with the higher settings including "Ignite Bread" and highest "Burn The House Down". Anyway, I've changed the radar sensitivity setting just a bit -to 74% - in case it gets upset that I've ignored the function entirely, but it's still not speaking to me.
James reports that many in the UK are wondering if they'll be Allowed Out this summer. Jeez, it sounds a Bit Grim. I'm gonna be using a loud car to help kickstart the Roaring Twenties. Bit of a washout so far.