Coleslaw recipe

Sun 28 Nov 2021 08:19
15:01N 41:00W at 8am GMT, wpt 1161 shows about 8knot average in last 24hours.
Wind higher overnight sog 8 knots and sometimes surfing to 15. But it's stable, no need to sit at the helm even though some of the moves feel twitchy, it's me not the boat. I set guard zones on radar up to 10nm radius. Morning and it's calmer.

Sorry for alarming people by not blogging. Also it doesn't seem to be free to send cc or bcc but I can ask Mailasail - in other words I think the satphone sends the extra copies not the other end once it's sent just one? Not sure...

Hah, "BHB" turned up again. Last time I saw him was exactly a week ago and that time he rushed past at 14 knots. This time he arrived from astern at the same speed or higher, around 17 knots.. then his AIS signal went off and he slunk away - no AIS or radar signature. Maybe it's his thing to appear to rip around with AIS on, then turn the AIS off and have a long snooze. He must have been virtually static at times during the past week. Or he might have even stopped off at Mindelo in Cape Verdes. I razzed the motors with spi up to swish along at over 12knots but he still caught me. It's a good job we're not racing. Ooh look, six hours later he's coming up behind yet again. Although I'm doing some 10-11 knots now and straight at the waypoint. Oh and he's turned his AIS off again. Then he slings a huge sail up, AIS on, comes at me at 14knots ...then has few hours off again. Weird. OOh no, it's another one... this is Earwen Solosailor 228342800... def not an ARCie...wasn't the same mmsi used by BHB? Oh whatever, all quite mad...

Carrots, lettuce and tomatoes will all be fine for another week of making the Lunchtime Giant Tuna Salad Tower Sandwich. Years ago the Hamburger Chain "Wendy's" in the UK used to offer a single visit to the salad bar for one pound. Not so much "all you can eat" but "all you can build". I was Mech Eng student at the time, and careful selection of initial foundation ingredients (celery sticks and thick cucumber slices, weighted down with potato salad) made the plate much larger and enabled almost the entire contents of the salad bar to be carried off in the permitted single visit. Wendy's withdrew from the UK after opening only a few outlets, and I suppose my custom must have been more instructive than profitable for them. Anyway, these days I'm using the same skills to create rather nicer but still almost-2-inch-thick salad sandwiches. I get all the ingredients ready first and build quickly, most solid foundation first (tuna, then tomato sliced in slight wedges to avoid "heaping") to lettuce last, then compress and cut into four quarters. Oh it's heaven.

The coleslaw is grated red cabbage, grated carrot, zested orange, chopped orange and grated whole apple, yeah the whole thing. Then big dollop of mayonnaise and bit of salt. This is a Jamie Oliver recipe but I tend to put in less saliva haha (he has a lisp)

Hope everyone relevant had a good Thanksgiving - I missed it but it's not a thing outside North America.