Friday 20

Fri 20 Nov 2020 23:41

Wind from the south-east has arrived which we can use to get away from the islands on Sunday.  The French Consulate here in Las Palmas says no c19 test is needed for arrival in Martinique from EU - unless we plan to stay in an hotel.  

We did “final” shopping in Carrefour supermarket (well out of ARC range) and packed the fridges and freezer.  We’ve easily bought more than 5 trolley-loads of food, my usual yardstick.   I’m running a motor a few hours a day with not-so-sunny weather and extra electrical loads. 

 In the evening I finished making four foam rubber sponges to jam into the overhead  hatch reveals in the crew cabins, so it can be utterly dark for sleeping during day. 

Final preparation on Saturday apparently includes finding a hair salon.