Thu 11 Nov 2021 09:18

28.1N 15.46W

I've had a few days checking batteries in Lanzarote, all fine, so I left Calero on Tuesday, snoozed in the bay on the S of Lanzarote and motored (no wind) the 90 miles over here to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.  Thanks as always to Wes for his help in Calero, and sorry about the final battery gag where I sent him a photoshopped Bluetooth diagnosis pic from the phone which indicated the voltage was 29volts (on a 24 volt battery max is 28) and the state of the battery was “Toast” haha. 

Scott and Deb are here in their boat from St Martin too, “Expedition” and I’m a bit close, but it’s fine.  The marina (as usual) is very full so lots of us anchor out, bit nicer really, and further from the motorway which runs right behind the marina.  We should be all tucked into the bay behind the marina but it seems to have overflowed a few rows into the main harbour.  I’m not the furthest out, and the port police haven’t made a visit yet.  

Dinghy ashore for dinner at the Sailor Bar with Scott and Deb. Pepino who still owns the place doesn’t sing like he used to, but he tries.  Much discussion about when to set off transatlantic. Next Wednesday might avoid the chaos of the ARC start.  Scott says he’s staying here until he’s going.  Right.