Fri 19 Nov 2021 09:24
24:42N 19:21W at 0840 GMT.

Much calmer now, essentially zero wind, but nice and sunny. Las Palmas is almost 300 miles behind in 2 days so just over 6knots average. Meh, good enough.

James says there won't be much wind except on Saturday, and it'll be better wind some distance back. Hm. This is similar to his advice that I should have set off a week earlier, but I can't knock the accuracy.

A few strange boats around overnight, some with AIS (broadcasting their position, speed, direction to other boats) and some without. Big-looking sailing ketch is overtaking now at 8 knots so they've got the money for the diesel... but no AIS. Sheesh.

The carrots have sunk in their containers and are perhaps even MORE crunchy than when new. Keeping carrots in water is (so far) giving fab results. Last week's lettuce was fine enough in its paper towel but I'm awaiting data on the other two new batches. More later.