Nearly ready

Tue 26 Oct 2021 23:42

I think this will be last week in Marina Calero, Lanzarote-  the boat Looks Good with just a bit of final electrical workings.  I found some of Wes's electrician types in the engine room plotting a new inverter - the busted Victron sent to Holland has been declared Toast.  

Mojo was hauled ashore on the 21st October in Arrecife - in the 2nd biggest boat lift in Europe, we hear. The boat sat in slings all day and overnight.  Some delays due to them thinking Mojo owed them a load of money from the previous year (we didn’t) and eventually things got moving. Hull cleaned, new anodes, and here we are back in Calero 10 miles down the east coast of Lanza.  

There’s an active volcano on the island of La Palma three hundred miles away at the moment, and there might be a bit more black dust in the air than usual. Bit of rain needed a Good Clean. 

There’s a quite understandable tendency to Load Up before any transat, and from the Canaries it’s justified - things are lots cheaper here than anywhere else on an Atlantic Circuit and for most of a round the world trip.  Kitchen tissue roll, absolutely essential sailing gear, is just two euros for a massive roll, easily $5+ from the carib and west.  So NOT panic buying, ok? 

The ARC plans to go on (as always) the third Sunday in November, which means they sail on a a waning moon.  Yeah, that sounds a bit foolish-romantic … but the moon gives night-time visibilty of the horizon - it’s pitch black without it, and for long nights too.  Moonwise, a better time to leave this year would be a week earlier.  Hm...