Boring Story

Thu 29 Apr 2021 14:59
28:20N 31:19W cog97 and sog 7 at the moment with 923nm to go, a bit more than 2/3rds done. Simon the routing guy suggested a tack north, or maybe going through the islands to reach Lanzarote. I really don't fancy going through the islands solo - lots of night-time traffic around the bigger islands, wind compression zones, traffic sep systems for the big ships blah, so I will try make sure I pass through waypoint 29ishNorth 18ishWest just north of the northest Canary island, from which it's easy enough to Lanza. I may be able to just jig over to that waypoint when the wind is right but I'd tack in calmer stuff maybe nearer in yet.
Meanwhile things are getting back to chaotic normal in the UK, flights and things to do all being orgainsed but with plenty of time yet to park in Lanza and hibernate the boat a bit first.