Last full day?

Fri 3 Dec 2021 10:02
14:15N 56:47N
Wpt is 237nm away at 0900GMT. The last couple of days have been relatively speedy at around 8knots VMG, so the trip might finish sooner than I thought. I think the parasailor spi has been up a week now - since last Friday I think, James asked on satphone if the spi was up and I had just put it up an hour or so earlier.
Sadly my three pet flies have been noticeably absent in the last few days and I am fearing the worst for them. The weight of insects in the world is 70 times the weight of humans, meaning that there's about 5tons of insects (1.6billion, ish) for each of us. So, whatever, I'm three down on that. Especially sad considering that I saw them all doing lots of handwashing whilst not flying about. Or maybe they went outside, normally fine but not whilst several hundred miles from land really? I dunno the range of a fly, likely a few miles I suppose.
Carrots and lettuce still looking good.